In good shape…

Helping kids consider better lifestyle choices.

For a few years now I’m helping GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond (The Health Department of Rotterdam and surrounding area) with their Lekker Fit! (In Good Shape!) Campaign. Obesity is a serious health thread today. 1 in 4 school children is obese. I drew instruction postcards for health birthday treats, instructions for healthy morning habits. Elaborated posters to aid in conversations between schools and parents, schools and kids and parents and kids. I illustrations booklets, banners and made storyboards. I even designed some dolls. I love this project. It is a very good initiative that helps get school enthusiastic in informing their kids about healthy lifestyle choices.
These are some of the comics and energizers I thought up, wrote and drew. They were implemented in the folder of De Nederlandse Hart Stichting (Dutch Heart Organisation). Every year for three years there were made 2 sets of 4 comics with different topics, 2 sets of 2 energizers (games to play during class with all the kids to get moving for a few minutes) and some fun-things-to-do on the centrefold of the booklets.

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