The Public Library of Rotterdam asked me to develop some kind of mood board, to accompany their reading-promotion project for school kids. They already had a website with a fun test that would analyse the mood you are in and then suggest some matching books. I decided on doodle-bookmark on which the could combine al moods they could imagine. I provided a little drawing that set the base mood, suggesting the beginning of a story and let the students fill in the rest…

The project was a big success and was bought by other libraries. If you like to see some examples of the child enhanced bookmarks please visit my behance page.

A little intro says something like:
Do the test and see what mood you are in. Romantic but a little excited? Relaxed but curious as well? Sad but busy as always? Draw, tag, paste or write and show me what mood you are in. No matter how strange the mood, there is always a book, magazine or comic that fits.

Six bookmarks saying:
Today I’m curious
Today I’m romantic
Today I’m busy
Today I’m relaxed
Today I’m excited
Today I’m sad

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