The 4 dimensional book

and the passing of time…

A book is not just a pile of pages, it has volume; a third dimension. But that’s not all, it has a fourth dimension as well: reading a book takes time. A book has a structure, a route, a sequence. Either it begins on the first page and goes on till the last page is reached or it’s a more complicated matter and some kind of navigation (like a content page or an index) is required to travel back and forth through the book to the desired destination.

With this in mind I started my graduation at my second academy; The Willem the Kooning in Rotterdam. I collected all information I could find about the evolution of the book hoping I would get to know more about its form and its future. Al these facts I arranged around a navigation system which emphasized the books fourth dimension; a time line.

The back of the book was bound with in a origami harmonica style so you could slide the pages like a deck of cards, revealing the content listed on the edge of the pages.

4D Book on history of the Book-Detail

I used transparent pages to illustrate not only the third an fourth dimension but the way every fact is based on what happened a moment before has an impact on what shall come to pass.

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