Take a break and lighten up.

SmartBreaks is a Dutch company that develops educational material and movies for the primary school class. The goal of these movies and smartboard games is to set the children in motion working on their health, motor skills and concentration. I made their logo tell a mini story. An octopus is great to stir things up and set into motion. I loved making these characters and these little animations.
The logo shows an interrupted class. The teachers step aside (so to speak) and let the SmartBreaks superhero take over.  It works with and without motion. Great for digital use and on T-shirts.
Smartbreaks logo animation
Learning by movement SmartBreaks logo animation
Energizer SmartBreaks logo animation
Mindfullness SmartBreaks logo animation
Youtube SmartBreaks logo animation
Cooperation SmartBreaks logo animation
Motor skill SmartBreaks logo animation
Holiday SmartBreaks logo animation
The seven smaller logo’s are used on the website to guide the user through the different categories.


Learning in motion
Motor skills
Cooperation tactics
You tube links
Holiday Specials
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