Health and Pregnancy Animations & Comics

Do’s, Don’ts and other things to consider in 7 chapters

Based on the Nine Months Game I illustrated and designed for and the Health Department of the cities Rotterdam and The Hague and the x-rated flowcart for the Health Department of The Hague, I was asked to make 7 animations on pregnancy and health in the same style for a cooperation between the Health Department of The Hague, and Later these animations were made into 7 easily printable comics.

The cut out style was very well suited to animate. I needed to add some movement, colour and audio. Roeland Otten choose the beautiful voice of Yvonne Gaemers to speak the words (in Dutch) and added some sound.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Wishes and worries
Chapter 3 – The importance of a healthy diet
Chapter 4 – On medication and drugs
Chapter 5 – When to visit a medical practitioner
Chapter 6 – Money matters
Chapter 7 – Pregnancy and work

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