Rotterdam Air Raid

Rotterdam Air Raid

Losing and rebuilding a city in 30 images…

Rotterdam, May 14 is a limited edition screen printed booklet (laparello style) in black and silver. It measures 14,5 by 435 cm (about 6 by 171 inch)  in a hand bound slipcase. It depicts the World War II bombing and rebuilding of Rotterdam in 30 images and 1 verse from a poem of J.C. Bloem.

In Dutch:

‘Hoe vreemd ligt deze stad nu open,
hoe is zij wonderlijk en licht:
De huizenloze straten lopen
van niets naar niets toch niet ontwricht.

In English something like:

‘How strange this city lies open,
she is wonderful and light:
The houseless streets run
from nothing to nothing still not disrupted’

It was hand printed on request of The War and Resistance Museum of Rotterdam and was presented on 14 may 2010 exactly 70 years after the air raid. There were 65 booklets and 5 boxes of unbound prints available.

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