Drawing from life?

Getting out there and if all else fails; smile!

I love to draw and I love to draw from life. Preferably twice a week I join some friends and we draw life models. I draw my boyfriend as he takes a nap, and I draw the cat as she follows his lead… BUT I would love to draw from life outside. Capture some refined lady as she is hoisting heavy shopping bags, find some children playing serious games, catch distinguished people napping in the train. I would love the practice and the progress. Sometimes I just do it, I take out my little Moleskin and my fountain pen and in the blink of an eye I catch someone not paying attention. But mostly I don’t dare… I don’t know why. Maybe I’m shy, maybe I’m just afraid of how people would respond if I stare at them too long.

But I’m working on a plan: First I’ve started drawing feet. It is very difficult to catch exactly the right character of a shoe (well, I admit, I have a shoe-thing) and people usually don’t mind if you stare at their feet. Secondly I started drawing from imagination in public, see how people react to a drawing individual. If all goes well I’ll gradually dare to stare more and draw freely in public…

Molskine Sketchbook Urban Sketching-1
Molskine Sketchbook Urban Sketching-2

Some parts of pages from old Moleskins. About a minute per drawing, moving targets, nervous artist.

2018 update: I’ve drawn many people and filled up many sketchbooks since I posted this post. Starting with the feet or the surroundings of the people you’d like to draw works great; they have the time to realise you’re harmless and loose their interest by the time you’re ready for their portrait… But most importantly I can conclude that a smile works wonders while drawing in public…

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