School gardening

Explaining city kids how to understand, respect and enjoy nature.

To redesign the educational material used in the Rotterdam School Garden project was quite a challenge. The program is used in both schools with special needs and schools that have a higher level of education. We choose to run a test year on loose worksheets, so every teacher could adjust their classes to the needs of their students.

I split the types of worksheets into 2 categories: one asked the student to look at, investigate or study something. For these sheets I used a more realistic type of illustration, inspired by some beautiful old-school botanical illustrations. For the worksheets that involved some work or experiment I used clear line drawings that illustrated the needed steps.

The loose leaf system was perfect for this approach giving the teachers the opportunity to decide on the order of the lessons. The teachers were able to adapt the lessons to current weather conditions and giving different kind of students more or less work depending on the situation.

This first year went well and I was very happy to here both teachers and students were enthusiastic.

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