For the Rotterdam event Woordnacht I made an animation illustrating 6 poems by Myrte Leffring. I loved her book De tere bloemen van het verstand (The Delicate Flowers of Reason). The poems in it can be read separate, but together they tell the story of the ageing of a woman. Remembering, forgetting. Beautiful! All the left hand pages seem to be in the present following a woman crossing a bridge. On the right hand pages memories paint a picture of the womans life.

In the animation and illustrations I wanted to show the underlying story. How the separate poems come together. We see the woman ageing. Her memories of a lost love in bright orange. Loving, leaving.

The poster was published by StudioKers and presented as a limited edition screenprint on beautiful Japanese paper boxed in a bed of feathers (since birds are a theme in the poems symbolizing the feeling of fleeting life, feathers emphasizing the emptiness which is left when the birds, or the mind, has flown. Their soft and cloudy texture illustrating the fog of forgetfulness).

Screen print poetry-Detail losing love
Screen print poetry-Detail looking back
Screen print poetry Myrte Leffring
Screen print poetry-Cover Detail
Screen print poetry-Cover Detail Backside
Screen print poetry-Cover box
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