Words for Rose

Master graphic narrative WITH HONOURS

In 2016 I graduated from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels ‘with honours’. 🙂 My master project was a graphic novel about language, love and millions of ways to view the world… Below you can see some of the pages. If you like you can download a (Dutch) synopsis here.

It’s done the old fashion way. Pencil on paper. No undo, no endless fine tuning. Because I love a line to have a bold precision, all these lines where fresh. No tracing. I had to do some drawing over and over and over again but I loved this direct approach and the vulnerable atmosphere it produced.

My thesis was about (and called) ‘the importance of seemingly irrelevant details’. If you like (and you can read Dutch) you can download it here. (It is a A5 booklet.) Or you could follow my blog, where I’ll posts translated parts of it.

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